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Men's Breakfast
6:00 AM to 6:50 AM
"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Pr.27:17
Men, join us for food, fellowship, prayer, & Bible study!
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Leader: Pastor Nate Sprinkle

NEPAL MISSION TRIP 2013 (Pastor's notes)

To view pictures from this trip click here http://www.fbcjayton.org/photos.php?albumID=47453

Mission Nepal '13
24 Jun.
Sprinkle family left early, for two weeks of working vacation in south Asia prior to our FBC Jayton team arriving. In that time, we will also confirm & set up our team's activities, meetings, trainings, work, travel, etc.
So, we left at 5am on Monday for Lubbock. This was after only about 2 hours of sleep for Nate and Barbi, as we were very behind on preparation, packing, and so many other things to do. Brienna had a 7:30am orthodontist appointment, after which Buddy B. took us directly to the Lubbock airport for our first flight to DFW.
After landing in DFW, Nate's sister Lydia and her two boys met us with a great picnic lunch, which we spread out and enjoyed on the terminal floor in a side hall during our 4-hr layover there. Then, it was on to London Heathrow next - and the DFW-LHR leg was a great flight on AA.
25 Jun.
A short time and a long walk through many terminals and security at Heathrow made us glad to get on the next flight. LHR-DEL was another great flight, but this time on BA. Arrived in DEL, cleared customs, arranged and took a prepaid taxi (one small Suzuki/Maruti van) through the New Delhi night-time streets to the Vision Vacation guesthouse.. arriving at about 2:30am, New Delhi time. Exhausted, we drug bags in and crashed like a ton of bricks in the nice guesthouse beds..
26 Jun.
..and were awakened by the security guard about 6:30am to let us know that our pre-arranged van for that morning had already been waiting for us for an hour or so. Woke up, cleaned up, and left to Jaipur at about 7:30am. Toured the Amber and Jaigarh forts and saw the local "water palace" and Hawa Mahal (window house). It was a wonderful and tiring day of touring ancient Mogul-era forts in modern-era India. In late afternoone, we left for Agra in the rain that had just begun. It would be a 5-hr drive to the city of the Taj Mahal, and those 5 hours had all of us just sacked out in our seats due to jet lag. At 11pm local time, we arrived and checked in to "Love Kush" hotel. Then, a little rested and a lot hungry, we headed out the door to find some local khanaa (food) at the nearest restaurant.. which turned out to be a little roadside shack with a tandoori oven where we had our first REAL Indian food as a family this trip. It doesn't get any more true north Indian than what we had - 'cause that was no tourist restaurant! On old benches at a rickety table, we ate daal fry, subji, and tandoori roti. Great stuff! All of us threw it down.. we gorged ourselves. Those tastes and spices and peppers brought us back to days and memories of living in south Asia..
27 Jun.
Woke up the next morning, still dealing with jet lag, but had the simple breakfast that was delivered to our rooms - black-spotted (yes, they were bad) boiled eggs, tea, bread & jam. Then, out the door we went for a day of sightseeing. Spent the morning at the Taj Mahal. The weather during monsoon season is not as clear as one would want, but it did not rain on us, and the pictures and sights were amazing. We were then taken to a marble-inlay shop (for a lengthy sales pitch) and then went to eat out at what is said to be one of the best restaurants in Agra, "Pinch of Spice". Very clean, very good food, lots of it, good price. After lunch, we went to the Agra Fort, a nice place for good pictures by tired people.. As rough as we looked, we found some good photo opps, and, before leaving the fort, enjoyed visiting and took pics with some well-off Hindu men and their multiple wives.. Then, we loaded back into our van and headed back up to New Delhi. As we left Agra, we made a quick stop to visit the mini-Taj. Then, a fast drive on a nice, new highway (toll road) back to New Delhi, where we ate out at Kailash Market, near the VV guesthouse (where we stayed the night again).
28 Jun.
At VVGH, we visited with some great friends (current field workers) R&M W, D&J S, and TL (who encouraged us to come back out). Then, we did some Delhi sightseeing - Lotus Temple, India Gate, Birla Mandir, Gov't House, Starbucks at Connaught Place.. Returned to guesthouse, rested, left for old Delhi train station to get on the train to Lucknow. The kids did great going through the (thick!) crowds to our platform and on to our train. This was an overnight train, so we found our seats/bunks, made up our beds, and went to sleep as our train plowed through the night into daylight..
29 Jun.
Arrived Lucknow on time this morning. Robert Charles, Pastor Charles' son, picked us up. We went to a village area, an hour or so outside Lucknow, where they have been working - and where I had taught our "Make Disciples Training" a few years ago when we lived here in north India. Gathered there was a group of young people, a handful of whom had attended our training back then. We had a short 3hr. program for them, singing, teaching, studying God's Word. Then, we ate with them, and left. On our way back into Lucknow, since mangoes were in season, we stopped and Pastor Charles bought a ~30 lb. box of fresh mangoes for about $3.. Mmmm! That evening, back in Lucknow, we went to a house gathering where friends of the Charles family had gathered to remember a child who had passed away with cancer 5 yrs before. They asked me to share a message, which I did. This family had both believers and non-believers in it, so we trust there were more gospel seeds planted and/or watered. Ate a great catered Indian meal with them.
30 Jun.
Staying the night in Pastor Charles' office building, in a spare room, we slept well that night, and woke to a morning in church. I was again asked to preach, and trust the Lord spoke. We had Chinese food (?) for lunch, before Robert Charles took us to the train station, to catch our train to Gorakhpur. We were running behind. Stressed. Trouble. Traffic was heavy. It was raining. We could not find the right terminal for our train. Thankfully it was running late.. very late. Found the right terminal, and had to keep checking the board for arrival updates (so we could get to the correct platform at the right time to get on our train when it pulled into the station). During one visit to the info board and booth, in the crushing crowd around it, I got pick-pocketed of all the money we had exchanged - about 7500 INR (~$140). No cash now! Gone were our rupees to get a hotel in Gorakhpur! But, our train was so late now that it arrived in Gorakhpur not at 8pm as it was supposed to (it finally arrived in Lucknow and we boarded it at 8pm!), but it arrived in Gorakhpur at 4am. We slept on it all night long - and didn't need a hotel after all! Praise the Lord! God cares for His children even by making a train hours late!
01 Jul.
Upon our early morning arrival in the north Indian city of Gorakhpur, we came out of Gorakhpur Junction train station and immediately found a jeep driver to take us to the Nepal border (or he found us!). God had protected us, and directed everything. Beautiful weather for the cram-packed 2.5hour jeep ride north to the Nepal border - cool, overcast, raining a little.. monsoon in south Asia! Paperwork at border on Indian and Nepal sides took a bunch of time.. but got two gratis visas for the young boys (more money to keep for later use!). Out of visa offices and officially into Nepal again, we found a van driver needing to head back to Kathmandu, so jumped in with him. East in the Terai, and up over the Mahabarat range - where we stopped for our first Nepali daal bhat - then to Narayanghat, up to Mugling, and east again and up the winding, steep mountain roads into, finally, the captial city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Arrived at the Parkers' apt. in the city late that evening. Thank You, Lord!
02 Jul.
Just rested, took it easy most of the day. Then, got a taxi out to Gorkhana Resort where our I_M_B's Affinity of South Asian Peoples (ASAP) north region's annual meetings were being held. It was great to catch up with many friends - S&S W, B& F, S&R R, W&C S, N&K S, J&J T, TL.. We sure enjoyed that, but felt out of place. Strangely, among family, yet not entirely a part.. and understandably so.
03 Jul.
Our family helped with childcare (Barbi and kids) and meeting projection (Nate) for the ASAP north's meetings.
04 Jul.
Last night had some terrible cramps in the gut - and 5-6 trips to the toilet for diarrhea. Our family went back out to the ASAP north meeting to help again. Seemed ok for a while after, but real draginess, weakness, and fever set in. Bad. Have no idea what it was.. Parasite? South Asia flu?
05 Jul.
woke early in the morning, cleaned up and cleaned the Parkers' apt, then got two tiny taxis to take us to find a van for the 5-6hour trip to Pokhara. So, spent the rest of the day travelling west with family & bags in a reserved van that we'd arranged out on Ring Road in K'Du (at the New Bus Park area?). The fever, headache, illness remained all trip. It was tough. Felt terrible. Barely able to make the van ride. Finally, arrived in Pokhara and at the house we'd be staying in. Crashed in the bed.
06 Jul.
Fever and total weakness remained today, and Barbi went out and got me some Azithromyacin. Took that, and it got better. But, still light-headedness, weakness, instability persisted. Had to keep lying down, and praying.. "Lord, please heal this completely!" The kids were having a good time, and being real adaptable. The older ones have memories of much of the area - sights, sounds, smells, people. As my sickness slowly lifted, the family spent most of their time in the yard playing and occasionally going out into the town. On Sat., they went out to Canaan Mandali, and were enjoying the trip just fine. All of us were thankful that none but Daddy was sick. Regardless, though, there have been some tough moments on the trip that required stamina and self-control from everyone, which was good for all of us.
07 Jul.
Sickness was lifting, probably due to the antibiotics, but stayed around the house. Discouragement was heavy. Prayed with Barbi, and alone constantly.
08 Jul.
When praying with the family, have been giving God thanks for His wonderful protection of us, health, and provision.
09 Jul.
Still felt very weak, in fact, was worse in the morning. But, praise the Lord, Tue. was much better! Friends came by to visit - Bibek & family, Kumar & Mina.
10 Jul.
Today, made arrangements for team van & travel. And set how and when we'd go to Kathmandu to get the team at the airport. Decided to bring Brienna & Noah along for the ride to get the team. Planned to leave on the van at 3am in the morning. Also, talked to Tok Bahadur Gurung out in Budakot, relatives of Kumar's and good friends of ours from years back. He invited us out. And Kumar would be able to go with the team the coming weekend. So, plans were made to try to get out there  on Sat./Sun. and have sangati (fellowship) with the believers out there. "Lord, please give Your continued health, protection, and direction. Use us all - our time, actions, words - for Your honor & glory."
11 Jul.
Left from Pokhara just after 3am in a van headed to Kathmandu, ~200kms away, to pick up the FBC Jayton team at the airport. The team arrived safely, after a long rough night in the Delhi airport. Picked them up, and headed across the city and out toward Pokhara. God blessed us with good weather, safe travel, all the way in to Pokhara. Arrived, settled the team in, met with Guppys, ate, talked about plans, slept!
12 Jul.
Morning travel all around Pokhara, seeing sights and prayer walking. Ram Ghat Buddhist temple, Matipani Buddhist monastery, Balaam jani pul, KI Singh pul, Bindyabashini Hindu mandirs.. Afternoon was spent praying, witnessing with OIKOS church folks, many of these Nepalis were very young believers.
13 Jul.
Whole team attended the one-room OIKOS church. Pastor Samuel Rai, good long-time friend, of Canaan Baptist Mandali picked me up to go preach to their congregation. Used the following outline..
God is working. It is obvious. People are looking for God, salvation, in the world's religions. They ask, "What must I do?" Ac.2:37,16:30. "Believe!" Salvation only comes through what God does, not what we do or can do! Ac.15:11, Ep.2:8-10. If we believe our salvation is by anything we've done, we're not saved!
Ez.36:26-27 Israel was like the idolatrous world today - unsaved, unredeemed, in desperate need of God's life-giving work!
And God would give that. He would change them. He will give life, and He will change people today! Look closely at these verses in Ezekiel to see the 3 things God promised to do, and the one thing His people would do. 1) He would give them a new heart and put a new spirit in them. 2) He would remove their hard hearts and give them soft hearts. 3) He would put His Spirit in them, and cause them to walk by His principles. ..and.. 1) They would want to, and be careful to, obey what their Lord commands. Jn.14:15..
After church that morning, the whole team met back up at Prithvi Chowk at a momo pasal, met Kumar and Tok & Dhun Maya's oldest, Hem, got a reserved van arranged, and went together out to Budakot. At our stop on the highway, we got out of the van and climbed into a jeep.. and headed up the steep mountain road past rice paddies and field workers - people and bovine. After an hour or so journey - which involved many of us huddling under a huge blue tarp in the back of the jeep as it climbed mountain roads in the light rain and then reached an impasse where a large truck was stuck in the mud - we walked the final mile or two up into the village. We rested, had chiyaa, and were just treated like royalty in a thatched-roof, mud-walled hut setting! The traditional daal bhat was served and we ate it up with Tok and his family.
14 Jul.
In the morning, we ate khodo ko roti ani chiyaa (millet pancakes and Nepali tea) and then walked through the village, ending up in Majkot. Tea, snacks, and good visiting were had along the way, including a good visit and stop at the little school's staff room and snack shop where the cook served us some fresh typical Nepali sweets. Back at the house, we had sangati and ate daal bhat again - and with a nice round of gau ko dahi!! The village's aama pati (ladies group) came and brought us mallas (flower necklaces) to see us off. Walked down to the jeep, and rode down the mountain road to the paved road, where we caught a van back to Pokhara. Our family and whole team was wiped out. But, two of the team and our family, mustered the strength (and empty room in the stomach!) for another home-cooked meal in Min's tiny house that evening.
15 Jul.
This morning, met and gave 50,000NRs to NCGC leadership for their outreach efforts & expenses. They were very thankful, saying it would go to the work of Gurung Village Mission, and would give us a report on it. We were then invited to a magne ceremony (a formal marriage arranging ceremony) at NCGC. Went with team and family to Mike's on Lakeside for breakfast. Boys came back to Ram Ghat to go to the ceremony we were invited to, and to do hashiya shopping while the ladies stayed at Lakeside and did their shopping. We all left in our reserved van for Chitwan at about 2:45pm. Arrived there at 6:30pm. Checked into our AC (!) rooms and slept well that night.
16 Jul.
Did first day of 2-day "Four Fields" training at a Magar-pastored church there in Chitwan area, Aashish Church in Parsa. Enjoyed being in Nepali-speaking training setting again. Team did well!
17 Jul.
Finished first of two 2-day trainings. Had a couple of pastors/leaders there ask at the end if we (our church) would come again and do a pastor/leaders training. Gave contact info to two of them. The days were hot, humid, sweaty, and very uncomfortable all day long! It was sure a huge blessing to get to go back to AC and showers at night!
18 Jul.
The team endured well, as we moved on to Rueben Chaudhary's small Baptist church, where we did the same training again for a mainly-Tharu group of believers.
19 Jul.
Late on the 2nd day of training, we took a break from training and walked down to the nearby river and joined in on the baptism ceremony for five of the new believers in attendance at the training. It fit right in to the training session on baptism. The day was finished out with gifts, pins, T-shirts from the US, etc. for all. The church also gave small gifts of thanks to the team - necklaces and little notebooks. Afterwards and back at the hotel, the owner gave a nice complimentary buffet to all of us Americans in celebration of his recent wedding. Introduced us to his new wife.
20 Jul.
Team woke early & went elephant riding. The family ate breakfast & did elephant bathing & shopping with the team. I went to preach at a second of Rueben's churches. A death in the community and ceremonies for that, as well as some issues in the church, kept almost all the men away that day. As men and women typically sit on separate sides of the room during sangati in Nepal, one whole half of the church building - the men's side - was empty. After service, was asked to speak to the youth group gathering. This was during a loud downpour on the tin roof, but that was maybe one of the biggest blessings of the trip.. sitting around in a circle, with new and young Nepali believers, challenging them with being in God's Word, trusting Him, being disciples. After 4pm, returned to the team, where we went to the elephant breeding center, crossing river by canoe, and then to the Tharu dance program that night. Had team meeting again after that, as we had done most nights. It had been tough - and great - up to that point. The team had done very good. And we'd enjoyed the team times, going quickly through Romans.
21 Jul.
Slept without AC last night. Not enough power to run it..? Ate and paid our hotel bill in the morning, gave 20,000NRs to Guppys to give to Min Bahadur Gurung back in Pokhara to help with his sons' school fees. Paid them for our stay at their place. Loaded in to van and headed to Kathmandu. Stopped and shopped for topis (Nepali hats) and hashiyas (curved sickle-like knives) in roadside bazaars as we drove. Upon arrival in the capital, shopped in the afternoon outside of Thamel areas as we walked through Asan & Indra Chowks. Found the topis and hashiyas we needed. Met Alastair at Fire & Ice pizza place. Gave him 62,000NRs to help with the GVM film kit we'd wanted to help with. (By the way, Fire & Ice is nice, popular with Westerners, and has good food, but in the Nepali context their prices are a ripoff.. it blew me away what we spent.)
22 Jul.
Got up in the morning - our day to leave. Quickly shopped for kukhure knives, then loaded van and headed out to swing by Boudanath for the team to see the largest stupa in Nepal, before flying out. Thought we wouldn't have time to get from there back to the airport, as the traffic in Kathmandu has become drastically worse in the last few years. Our van driver was a Christian guy and he was fun to visit with. He took a back way and got us to the airport in plenty of time. The kids lost some balls and small khukuri letter openers out of their carry-ons in security at the airport. Very sad! Our family split from the team here for our flight back to Delhi. But, we would meet them there for the remainder of the flights back to Texas. In Delhi, our family went through immigration to pick our bags up, and then went on up to the waiting area to check in to the BA/AA flight back home. Before we could re-check in, we had about 3 hours to wait. So, NT & I went outside and found out how to get out to a nearby market on a bus. Went there, ordered our final Indian food for the trip - paneer tikka aur tandoori roti. Picked up some bananas and drinks and headed back. Got one roasted ear of corn roadside to share as we walked and made our way back to the terminal. The family enjoyed our last meal of the trip together. Then, gathered up and went in to check in for the flights back. Once through immigration, found our faithful team graciously waiting on us. When we all found a spot near the departure gate, I took a run through the terminal, a last little exercise before 20+ hours of flying.. What a great trip it had been. We were ready to get home, but sad to leave. God had stretched us, blessed us, and left us wanting to love Him and serve Him and the peoples of the world more. We look forward to being back. "Wherever He leads I'll go. I'll follow my Christ who loves me so. Wherever He leads I'll go."



NEPAL MISSION TRIP 2012 (Pastor's notes)

26 - arrived LBB in ch van, Tondi driving. Talked our way through the check-our-bags-to-India-even-though-we-don't-have-visas issue with the check-in staff by showing our onward tickets from DEL to KTM on SpiceJet. At IAH, we got flight update that our IAH-EWR leg was delayed - and we'd miss the EWR-DEL flight! Went to United service counter and they got us on an earlier flight. As we were landing in EWR, were able to see the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Made the connection. Departed for DEL at 9pm.

27 - Arrived DEL at 9pm. No problem on flight. It was neat to look down on Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. We flew over a piece of Khazakstan, where Mark and Marina will be moving sometime within the next year.. At DEL, we went to the int'l transfers area and had baggage transfer issues from United to SpiceJet for the next 2-3 hours. Finally, SpiceJet staff came through and helped us through to the departure gates, having given us boarding passes, etc. But, we were made to pay a "warehouse charge" for handling our bags and getting them to the SpiceJet folks. But, they were picked up and made the flight with us later to KTM. We did have the unique experience of spending the rest of the night in the well-lit departure concourse, on the hard chairs and floor. We got little bits of sleep here and there through the night..

28 - Boarded SpiceJet for the final leg. Arrived KTM. Cleared immigration and collected bags, which had all arrived ok. Came out and arranged two taxis to Bouddha to Ti-Se guesthouse. Had drivers stop at Pashupatinath for the team's first Nepal cultural/religious experience in Nepal. Checked in at Ti-Se GH, then walked to Bouddhanath. Walked around, looked, ate at a rooftop restaurant. Then, took taxis to Thamel. Shopped and went back to guesthouse. But, to get there, the drivers took some small, rough backroads. On one very steep and mostly unpaved hill, the taxis had to slow and then could not pull the load up the hill. We had to get out and push. This was funny, and a fun experience. But, also, I lost the wallet that was laying in my lap when I jumped out of the car. Not much besides nearly $100 cash was lost. PTL!

29 - Got taxis to Baleju, and then arranged a reserved van to Pokhara for 8250 NRS. Great weather. Cool ride. Beautiful greenery. The team was very taken by the natural beauty. When the van drivers stopped for their food at a roadside restaurant, the team decided to eat, too. Nepali thali khaana laai, pahila patak tyo! Everyone seemed to like it. Arrived Pokhara and had meeting and dinner with Guppys. Ate at Buddha Chowk. Went to bed.

30 - First clinic day at new Gurung church. It was very good. Saw maybe 60 people. Many were Christians already, but many others were prayed for and shared with by some of us, and by the members of the church. That was great to see!

31 - Second clinic day at Bijaypur village, Om Gurung's home village. A little primary school there hosted us. Great chance to see all 20-30 kids and a good number of adults from the community. There was plenty of chance taken for unstuctured visiting and witnessing, giving away Bibles and Scripture portions, etc.

01 - Took a van to Patichour, on the Baglung jhanne baato. Here we grabbed some cell roti, bananas, etc., snacked and waited for the jeep that had been arranged to take us to Purnagaun. Ramesh Pun and Giri Pun, leaders from a mainly-Magar church in Pokhara, joined us for the trip out today. They had arranged all our room and board for this three-day village trip. When the jeep arrived, we loaded up in it and Tracy's truck and headed up the steep, switched-back, two-rut mountain road. It was rainy season, monsoon season, and the weather had been living up to its name. The roads were very sloppy - and it would only get worse. Several times the Mahindra jeep could make it through spots where the lower, smaller truck could not. We got out and worked and pushed.. The steep mountain sides and muddy conditions made it an uneasy time for the team members. The drivers were very careful, and the Lord gave us safety in reaching the village. Had chiya, relaxed, watched the local rice mill operate, ordered hashiyas from the local damaai. Our team had a short sangati with the local believers who were hosting us that evening. Went to bed tired, and thankful for a cool rainy night in a village in the Himalayan midhills of Nepal.

02 - Loaded back up in the jeep and Tracy's truck to make the 30-45min trip futher up the mountain to Gurunga, where we were to be the first-ever health clinic hosted in that village. The road was a terrible mess. Could *not* get the little truck up past one point. Had to give up after 30+ min of trying, local passerbys had also helped to no avail. The Mahindra made it up past that spot, but then got stuck further up. We were able to push and help it past that spot. Arrived to a very kind and hearty welcome from the villagers. Rested for a little while, set up, started clinic. Saw 101 people that day, and made sure each one was shared with and prayed for. Min Bhdr and Giri did most of the sharing. A young Magar lady and I also filled in sharing the gospel some, too. Many, if not most of these Magar people, had not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in an understandable way ever before. And four Magar people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior that day! Praise the Lord! "Lord, draw them to You with an inexplicable hunger to know your truth, grace, love, and freedom from sin."

03 - The second day of clinic at the little rock & mud school building in Gurunga was very much slower. Saw only about 25 people. It rained hard all day, with lots of wind. We prayed it was going to blow the rain away, eventually, so we could walk back to Purnagaun, because the road had deteriorated so bad the day and night before that the jeep was not coming back up to get us from here. It did clear off - PTL! And we had a *beautiful* walk back down. Ate good daal bhat and headed to bed, but not before playing "7up" with the Nepali folks who were with us. Great time!

"Thank You, Lord, for what You've done and will continue to do here, in all Nepal; in & through us on this trip. Lord Jesus, I love You. Bless You. Be honored in everything, person, part of this trip. Amen."

04 - Woke up and had chiya. The morning's team meeting revealed that I had spoken in a demeaning way to the ladies the previous day as I was under stress trying to broker a good decision between three different parties on when to leave Gurunga to come back here. Apologies made, and all was ok, I think. We enjoyed sangati with the believers in Purnagaun, and I was privileged to share the bachhan. After daal baht, took jeep down mountain, and on the way we worked together as a team to get Tracy's truck through several really bad spots. No problems - thankfully we were going down and not trying to go up! Arrived Pokhara, tired and thankful for a great, challenging time of serving the Lord in His harvest fields.

05 - Shopping day in Pokhara. Rested up, the ladies really enjoyed this day.

06 - One last full-day clinic in Galang. Left Pokhara at 5am, and through Prem Tamang's church members, entered and hosted this in a village not far off the road to Butwal, 3 hours south of Pokhara. It was a great day. Lots of people. Saw 180+. 8-9 prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Day was so busy! But, great food, great teamwork, great finish to the team's work in Nepal.

07 - Due to bhandhs 6-10am today and tomorrow, we decided to head off down to Chitwan today after the bhandh lifted. Arrived Chitwan after a great drive, great weather (except that a hard downpour hit us just as we arrived Chitwan, and soaked a couple of my bags and stuff - everyone else's was ok). Did elephant breeding center, shopping, dinner, and Tharu dance show. Had a nice afternoon visit with a young Tamang couple who were running their own little restaurant. I ate dinner with them. Shared a little with them, and left a tract. Went to bed in AC rooms - had a great night sleep.

08 - Did early elephant rides. Ate breakfast. Barbi and I went to elephant bathing - fun! Shopped a little. Visited with a Brahmin shop owner this morning - and I honestly think this may have been the one of the shortest times of sharing I've ever had in Nepal, but might have done it the most Christ-honoring way I ever have. Started with the reality of sin, and our inability to erase it through good works. Left a tract with him. "Lord, help me to sensitively, but purposefully, start with sin and judgment and righteousness (the Law) before offering grace in Christ Jesus every time I share the gospel, no matter in what language. Help me to faithfully transmit Your truth in love, Lord. I love You. Thank You for Your mercy and grace to me, a former Law-breaker at heart."

Reserved van to Kathmandu took us at 11:30. We arrived there at 5:30pm. Traffic in Kathmandu was terrible on Ring Road. Went to Thamel to buy Khukhuri knives. Got medicine and khulfi on the way back.

09 - After breakfast, we had a good final team meeting, with some tears and prayer. It has been good! Then, left to KTM in two little taxis.. This trip over. "Lord, keep us in Your will. Bring us back to south Asia to serve you in witnessing and disciple-making in Your harvest fields."




2011 MISSION TRIP TO Nepal & India (Pastor's notes)


31 Oct. - LBB-HOU-EWR-DEL Sat next to and visited with a Canadian gentleman from a village near Montreal. With ~4,000 people and one church - Catholic. Otherwise, no religions. Witnessed, shared a gospel tract.

01 Nov. - Arrived Delhi at 9pm. Took metro to guesthouse/hotel in city, took about 1.5 hours to do so.

02 Nov. - All day spent in storage unit, going through stuff, arranging, getting rid of a lot.

03 Nov. - Morning flight to KTM. Wanted to take metro to airport. Arrived at the wrong platform, ran to other side and just missed the train. Had to wait another 10min. for next train. And in that time, decided that taxi would be the only chance for us to make the flight on time. Got one quickly, and made it in time for flight. In KTM, took taxi across town to get money changed and get a bus to Pokhara. Shared with taxi driver, Sunil. Got seats (packed in tight) on van, and took off. Young guy in seat next to me was Muslim, very nice. We talked a good bit and when we weren't talking, I nodded off. Felt sick at stomach. He noticed I was dozing, and offered for me to lay my head on his shoulder to sleep if I wanted. Wouldn't that be a scandalous report? "Baptist Pastor Naps on Muslim Man's Shoulder" Arrived Pokhara after about 6.5hrs, all belongings and all food intact.

04 Nov. - Visited with worker friends. Lunch at the Buzz Cafe at Buddha Chowk - thukpa and momos. Shopped in town. Got medicine, shoes fixed. Saw Kumar, wife in Mahendra Pul. Went to their house for niece's birthday party, dinner that evening - daal bhat, maasu.

05 Nov. - Preached at Samuel's Caanan Baptist Church. Ate out at Almond's. Tea with Samuel and family. Dinner with Min dai, wife, and two boys and friends. Lots of Nepali thali w/maasu - very good and tasty!

06 Nov. - Most of the day spent at CMTC sharing with students and some local church leaders. Ate daal bhat for lunch with the students and folks there. Evening at friends' visiting, catching up, visited w/FBC Jayton on Skype.

07 Nov. - Went on bus with Min dai to Ram Bazaar, mid-point on the way to Gilung village. (All buses on this trip were very slow over very rough, rocky mountain roads.) Ate daal bhat with him at a local 'hotel'. Sat and waited for the next bus to Gilung. We had a good long discussion with a couple of teachers from Gilung, and locals at the bazaar there who wanted to listen. Shared the good news, and the Brahmin guy who knew it all (and had read the Bible some) said all religions are talking about one God, the same God. Some religions are loose, others are strict in various ways. But, when the discussion led to topics such as sin, righteousness, and judgement, he quit claiming all were the same.. Had a good bit of lively interchange with this guy and others. Shortly after that, got crammed into a bus for 3+hrs for the uphill climb to Gilung village. Got a room at the only hotel there, and ate daal bhat before going to bed.

08 Nov. - Spent the day in Gilung. First, walked to Chapa and had small sangati with a couple of blvrs from another nearby village. It had been arranged to meet them at the home of an elderly couple whom Min had led to Jesus. The man was blind (looked like due to extreme cataracts) and the woman was sick now, and her daughter from nearby had come to stay with them and care for her mom. But, the daughter was upset over her mom's sickness, seemingly blaming it on their turning to Jesus. She told Min she would have her parents not believe anymore.. The afternoon and evening were spent in Gilung, visiting with professing but very young/immature believers, witnessing to non-believers, and at night we ate with a Nanda didi and her family, believers. Had sangati with them and a small group of young, low-caste believer girls and a low-caste elderly couple. Taught them one of the "7 commands of Christ" from Ac.26 about how to share their testimonies.

09 Nov. - Walked all day to Kama village. This is the village where there had reportedly been a threat to beat Min and send him packing if he returned. The lady who reported this called Min, told him she was sick, so he felt that we should go to Kama anyway.. prayerfully. At one stop at a chautara on top of the highest hill, Min saw some ghokhla, a variation of pomegranate, hanging in a tree and went over and began climbing up in the tree to pick it. I didn't know what he was doing, but as I stood there at the chautara I looked up the trail that we were about to take through the jungle and saw a leopard squatted in the trail, looking directly at me. I couldn't believe my eyes. 2-3 seconds later, as I thought I'd grab my camera which was in reach, he must have saw me twitch and he turned and jumped up and off the trail and headed into the jungle. Wow. What an amazing sight! Stopped a couple more times for Min to pick, and us to eat, ghokhla. I must have eaten some worms out of one of them. Got real nauseated and had to stop and rest. Prayed! After water, some snacks, and a short nap, the nausea was gone. PTL. Reached Kama several hours and lots of walking later. Met the family. Ate with them a little later in the evening. Played with their boys, had some fun reading their school books with them. Mostly all communication Min and the family was in Gurung. He always prayed, though, in Nepali. I later suggested he give them an example of praying in their heart language. This is much needed, in my opinion!! We had small sangati with that family and her younger brother, the first believer there. Min taught them. I added the teaching about how to study the Bible, the 4 questions to ask, etc. The other handful of believers from Kama were not there - if in the village, they did not come. We stayed in the family's room over the buffalo stable.

10 Nov. - Ate daal bhat with the family in the morning. They all ate makai ko dhendo. I asked for a little taste of it. We fellowshiped and encouraged, then prayed with/for them. Had found out earlier that all their rice paddies, which had harvest-ready rice in it, was ruined by the hailstorm they had recently experienced. So, gave the lady a small help and thank you gift of 600NRs. Then we left. Several hours and two big hills and two rivers later, reached Masuri danda village. Along the way we saw a number of people who Min knows, as a result of his travels in the area. On the trail, we met two cute Grg girls, Monica and her older sister, ~8 & 12. Going our way, we talked briefly and I gave them each a "Way to God" tract, with pics that kids would like. The older one read it as she walked a long way up the hill to her house. At one house, we were given mohi, out of a teki. Mixed it with a cheura and daal moti mix that Min had. It was great. Visited a little with the young man, and left him a couple of tracts to read. At Masuri danda, still 2 hours from Thumsikot, it was going to get dark, so we asked about staying there. A young Brahmin guy invited us to stay at his place. He wanted to talk (English). We ate daal bhat, and had a good time sharing the gospel with this guy and a small group of Gurung youth who'd gathered to smoke and drink in the little place we ate at. We also found out he'd been in the Middle East working, and was in a car accident where a friend was killed. He broke his back, had rod(s) put in, was in hospital for ~6mo. A Bible was in his room. He contacted, conversed with the person who left it. The US doc who worked on him said it was a miracle that he recovered so well, quickly. He attributed this to the God of the Bible, but still had not trusted Christ as Lord. He told us next time we come to plan to spend a week and he'd gather a group of people to sit down and learn about Jesus and all the Bible has to say to them. Talk about open. Slept upstairs in their thatched roof, mud walled hut. Good night sleep.

11 Nov. - Up early. Picked oranges. Drank a little hot milk. Took off. 2hrs downhill later, came close to Thumsikot bazaar. Before arriving there, we came to a clearing with a few houses, farm animals, etc. A little girl saw us coming and ran toward us, bright eyes and expectant. So, I thought she would speak English. Nope. I talked with 'Sunita' in Nepali, and she was surprised. Walked with us. She walked on past the houses and stayed with us quite a ways. As she started to drop back, I stopped, called her there and asked if she wanted something to read. It was a booklet about Jesus. Had she heard of Him? No. I gave her the booklet, getting her to promise to read it, and walked off.. We got to Thumsikot as the Pokhara-bound bus was leaving. Had intended to stop, rest, eat. No time. 2+hrs bus to Pokhara. Sat by a young Muslim guy (again!), visited with him briefly about my faith and Jesus, and gave him a tract to read about who Jesus is. Arrived, found out Burks could give me a ride to K'Du tomorrow morning. Those I'd wanted to meet today and tomorrow would have to be done quickly. Took taxi to get XL185 at Keller's. Went to bank. Did not close, just removed most of the money out of my personal account. Shopped some. Made plan for staying at language institute flat, if necessary. Bhim came over, invited me for food. Min called, about when I'd be coming since I'd told him earlier I would come by and give him some of the oranges from the hill. Didn't know it, but he'd had his wife cook makai ko dhendo for us. Went, ate some. Left to Bhim's. He'd cooked, his wife was in village. Ate and visited late into the night.

12 Nov. - Woke up early - again. Prayed, read the Bible. Had chiayaa and pau roti w/Bhim, son. Left and found Ganesh (tire guy) and Gum. Visited. Talked about their sewakaayi. Gave t-shirts. Prayed for them. They prayed for me. Left to look for Yadav. Didn't find him. Found Dhan, the mechanic, again. Visited for a few minutes. Encouraged reading the tract I'd given him. Met the B&S B and LG at the language flat. Got in with them and had a great time visiting as we rode to K'Du. Arrived, ate special momos at Gui Mai restaurant. Went to Smith's (Sundell's old place). Ate dinner. Did email. Skyped. Visited with Will and Bruce. Power outage most of evening and all night.

13 Nov. - Middle of the night a little earthquke tremor set off their earthquake alarm. We had to jump up and get outside. Nothing else happened. Fog socked in K'Du all morning. Waited at the airport from ~9am 'til the flight finally came and we took off at about 5:30pm, over 6hrs late. Had to call India and cancel my train trip from Delhi to Kanpur, missed it bad because of the delayed flight. Took the metro to New Delhi train station. Called Amit. They'd moved to Delhi, but we didn't have time to meet that night. He got on the Internet while we were on the phone and looked at trains, suggesting others I could take to Kanpur. Told me where to go in the station to get a ticket that late, the current reservations counter. Got a 3A sleeper seat and left about midnight.

14 Nov. - Got off at Kanpur, the train arriving 2+hrs late. As I began to ask taxi and rickshaw wallas about getting to Farrukhabad, I found that a train was leaving for there in 1.5hrs, a bus could be had any time, and a taxi would be about 2500 rupees. While I had a handful of guys around me, talking, waiting, I heard my name! "Nate." "Nate." It was a guy named Ajit, from the Kanpur YWAM base. He was in charge there now, but had been through our 5-day BPI more than 3 years ago. He was meeting another teacher for the week, coming in on the train that day. But, he helped me get a ticket on the train to Farrukhabad, and head to the platform. That was wild. What were the chances! I had some puri for breakfast on the platform, then boarded the train. It was a general seating ticket - board slat seats, somtimes crammed. But, this one had lots of room. It took off, and within a couple of stops, it was standing room only. Another guy joined me in my single seat. Here we go. The train ride was to be 3-4hrs. Then, at one little stop, we didn't go again. Sat there for probably more than an hour before I had to get out and stretch legs. It was at a place called Bilhaur. A crowd soon gathered around the out-of-place bideshi. They asked about my impressions of India, compared to US, etc. We talked a lot. Another engine car pulled up. Ours had broken down, and a replacement was here. My crowd had dispersed - and I had failed to mention the name of Jesus. One or two were left, so I started talking to them again, and, again, a crowd gathered, a little smaller now. But, they got to hear about Jesus this time! These problems with your culture, my culture, selfishness, etc. can only be cured by one Man. Not Gandhi, or any current leader in my country. Only by Jesus. New heart. Forgiveness for sins. Thank you, Lord! We got back on the train a little later. Finished the trip to Farrukhabad. Got auto to training location. Enjoyed visiting with Scott and Navneet and Sanjeev. The leaders they were teaching were pretty much all Hindi-only. Spent the night in the hotel room with Scott.

15 Nov. - Bucket showered and prep'ed for teaching later in the day. Ate puri with the all the guys for breakfast. After Navneet and Scott taught, I did on "Assurance of Salvation." After daal bhat, spent the rest of the day driving with Scott back to Kanpur. He was kind enough to take me back there, and also wanted to visit some. With all that they have going on and have worked into over the last 10yrs on the field, they still have many ideas, primarily to build and effect long-term discipleship. But, they apparently seem tired and stretched, too, with 4 young kids. Remember, Barbi? We drove around Kanpur a lot, trying to find this brand new, huge mall that Scott knew about. Finally found it, but not before getting pulled over by police and them trying, almost to the point of serious anger, get Scott to give them papers for his truck. Ate at KFC ('cause Scott wanted the Western food) and then went and found the train station, and then a hotel for Scott.

16 Nov. - Got on the train at Kanpur Central station at about 1:30am this morning. Slept 'til it arrived in Delhi about 8:30am. Took metro to Saket, met Don, went to storage unit. Worked all that out. Bought some gajar from a subji walla to snack on. After done with the stuff and Don gone, I was left alone on the busy dirty streets of Doogal Colony, Khanpur, Delhi with my bags - and hunger. Found a little Indian food joint on a side road. Got tandoori roti (4) and rajma, with piyaji and mirch, plus a cold bottle of maasa mango drink.. for 38 rupees. As I ate, visited a little in Hindi with a young fellow, asked him if he knew of Jesus, said he'd been to church with a friend. Otherwise, he said a lot in Hindi that I really didn't understand, but I tried. Gave him a couple of tracts to read as he left. I found an auto-rickshaw to the VV guesthouse. Imran Khan drove it. Originally from outside Lucknow, he and I had a great talk. Shared with him about who Jesus is, about the Trinity, etc. Gave him a tract to read, too. He was very thankful, and appreciative. Really seemed to have a gentle heart, even as an auto driver. Gave him the 100 rupees he'd asked for. And he asked if I had any gift from the US for him. Didn't, but did give him a $1 bill I had in my wallet. It'll do nothing for him, he can't exchange it, but it will be a nice souvenir for him. In the office, I passed on info to Dave H. about our stuff. Got a shower in the basement bathroom. Took the metro to the airport, which took just at 1hr making all the right connections from the vV office/guesthouse. Left south Asia, for now, DEL-EWR-HOU-LBB.


"Lord, I pray that you'll cause seeds that were planted through our time in Nepal and India to grow and bear fruit. And lead us, as we serve, love, and walk with the folks of FBC and Jayton. We want to be used by you, and we desire to love you with all our hearts, souls, minds, strength."