July 2018  
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Men's Breakfast
6:00 AM to 6:50 AM
"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Pr.27:17
Men, join us for food, fellowship, prayer, & Bible study!
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Mission Nepal '15 - July Earthquake Relief trip
Pastor Nate Sprinkle and church members

Mission Nepal '15 - July Earthquake Relief trip w/SBTC
06 Jul.
Noah and I left Jayton at 4am, picked up Luke Balencia and his son, Dawson, in Old Glory, and my sister Lydia in Ft.Worth. She would drop us off at the airport and take the car. Rode the tram around DFW, and attended an ecumenical prayer meeting at 11am, run by the DFW airport chaplain. It was good, Bible-based. At noon, we boarded our flight on an Emirates A380 to Dubai. Long, kinda' rough ride. NT got sick as we pulled into the gate in Dubai.
07 Jul.
Found our way around the airport and to another terminal and boarded our flight to KTM at 4pm. Arrived in KTM at 10:30pm at night, and were met by Garry from SBTC with a jeep for our ride to the guesthouse (run by folks we support through the board).
08 Jul.
Had breakfast at the guesthouse and followed by a meeting to lay out our work plan for our time in Nepal. We spent the rest of the day walking to Ring Road and ate at a restaurant there with the team. Then, took taxis to Swoyambhunath, and Jawalakhel and Patan Durbar Square for pictures and money changing. Returned to the guesthouse and prepared for our early morning departure to Sindhupalchowk – our work area.
09 Jul.
6am Two jeeps/suvs arrived as we finished breakfast, and we loaded and left for Sindhupalchowk. Arrived at the village areaat about 10am, after stopping for dal bhat far below the hill at a roadside restaurant of one of the village leaders. When we arrived, the Salvation Army had just pulled up with two large trucks loaded with 60-70 heavy tents to distribute to villagers. The crowds were swarming. After the trucks were unloaded and tents distributed, the crowds dispersed and we set up camp in the school yard there. We took time to buy wire and hardware from a local shop and run electricity from a nearby house to our camp area. Cooks were arranged, and we went 30 minutes back down to the riverside market of Dolalghat where we bought food supplies. I also met some shop owners, one of whom was a believer. While having chiyaa with them, we talked about family, and Jesus. The believer invited me to her house to meet her husband, and told me of her son living in Irving, who they'd travelled to see. They told me where their church met, and invited us to come. We left the bazaar with food needs and went back up to the village. Ate a great first supper of biryani. Rain started. We had a quick evening team devotion and prayer time, then headed to bed in our tents. It rained all night - thankfully our tents were pitched under a tin shelter roof. We stayed dry.
10 Jul.
Woke early.Had breakfast. Prayed, and then broke up into 3 small groups and started house to house assessment process. Two pages of questions, pics, and prayer at each place. Many wonderful opportunities to pray the gospel and share the gospel. Most of the houses were wither partially of fully destroyed. Very few are still being lived in. Most of the people are living in temporary tin shelters/houses. Some (or most?) will probably be permanent homes for these folks. Rebuilding will take years, if done at all. Many great chances to share Jesus throughout the day! Seeds were planted. Many. Wonderful! "Jesus, please meet physical & spiritual needs here. Bring people to desire You, and Your truth, peace, and salvation."
11 Jul.
Last night was a hard long one on the very thin mat in the tent. Chiyaa for breakfast, and then our whole team headed to the church service at the little church I found the other day in Dolalghat, 30 mins down the hill. The team members introduced themselves at the right time as first-time visitors, in Nepali! It was great to gather with these brothers and sisters in Christ. Afterwards, we went to the restaurant on the road, ate, showered (During my shower, for which we had to stay decent because it was outside in view of the road, I watched the restaurant cook run around chasing chickens and finally catch a rooster and butcher it for serving customers.. he took care of his business, while I took care of mine.. only on the mission field..), went back up to the village area, and finished several house assessments. Prayed, shared Christ with many, including a paralyzed man.
12 Jul.
Hot day down on the road, in Chehere. Poor folks here - Magar, low caste, etc. Share the good news of Jesus clearly, with one man & his wife & friend. Crossed a suspension bridge across teh river, just for fun. After lunch, we hiked up the hill and did assessments on the whole area of Dumre village scattered over the hillsides, which was a mostly-Maje caste (lower caste) area. Near total destruction in this area. Some deaths, many injuries. Lots of prayers and great gospel sharing.
13 Jul.
Today we worked in Pawathok village area - and it was probably the hottest, longest day of all, if not tied with Dumre yesterday. Lots of destruction. Lots of three-story, nice old village homes (many of which were not being lived in). We finished that area and picked up some other homes we'd missed in Dandathok and Gairathok villages. We ate dendo this evening! Arjun, the cook's, mom cooked it. I went to their home. "Nate dai, aaja malaai dherai khushi lagyo tapaai mero garma aaunubhayeko le." (Big brother Nate, today I'm very happy because of your coming to my house.) All homes in the area finished today!
14 Jul.
To Dolalghat to buy things for the VBS kids bags. 48 of them. Spent near $100. Our team of guys & men gathered to fill the bags, then delivered them to the Majhee kids in Dumre. Before handing them out, we held a simple gospel-sharing & singing program, which was attended by many adults, too. After finishing that outreach and giving away those bags to some happy children, we returned to the restaurant to eat and shower again (same place.. and during my shower the cook again stalked a rooster, nabbed him, and butchered him for a demanding high-caste customer, "Bhale, bhale!" Rooster. Rooster. to make sure the cook didn't get him a hen!). Then, we found there were some homes in Simle village we missed, so we visited them. It was here that Rudra Giri, agreeing to and confessing the gospel as true, prayed a prayer of repentance and put his faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We were so thrilled and thankful! (I thought of the illustration of the mail carrier. That's all we do. We just deliver the mail the Lord Jesus has asked us to deliver. But, the joy of it! Hot, tired, sweaty.. but, the privilege and appreciation of the willing recipient! Today, our mail just shows up - in text, email, etc. But, what appreciation we once had - and still do - for the one who takes time to deliver it to our door, giving personal time and effort to bring it to us, to put it in our hands.. into hearts, so that the most important message is not missed. We all have some mail to deliver. Are we delivering it?)
15 Jul.
Up early this morning. Packed, folded, stored tents and supplies, and said our goodbyes. Took pics, loaded up and headed to K'Du. Rested at NPL guesthouse. Ate lunch at Lazy Gringo. Shopped in Jawalakhel, got lungis for Barbi and the girls, and enjoyed a visit with the shop owner and his young wife, talked about Christ, and gave them Nepali tracts to read. Back at guesthouse, met Pasang, the young Tibetan guitar maker from Pokhara, who gave me the guitar I'd ordered back in Feb., and a ukulele to bring back to the US, too. Later, had a good visit with Tracy, while the teenage boys, Noah, Dawson, and Kael, enjoyed playing in the rain on the roof along with a young Nepali girl, Martha, who'd been helping our team some.
16 Jul.
After a big, nice breakfast, we had a debrief with our hosts from the Southern Baptists of Texas, Gary and Sherry. They will be coordinating ongoing work by subsequent teams, the next arriving in just a few days. The assessments our team did will be the essential information on which ministry efforts will be based. So, we were sure thankful to be able to be used in that way, and just could not be happier that we had the opportunity to pray and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with some 500-700 people in nearly 270 different homes! After our debrief, we rested, cleaned, packed, and got into a taxi for a trip across the city of Kathmandu to the area called Thamel for some souvenir shopping. When done, we were off to the airport.. and headed back to Texas.

"Thank you, Lord, for the great chance to be in Your world, around people for whom Jesus died, and love on them and work among them and share the wonderful news of forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ alone. May Your word not return empty, without accomplishing what You desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which You sent it. Is.55:10-11 Thank you, Jesus."